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Robin Szuch
Owner & Creative Director


Founder of Spectacle Blue, Robin Szuch, spent almost 20 years as a dancer, training in ballet, tap, jazz, modern and contemporary dance. Armed with those of years dance training, and a degree in Fine Arts in Drama and Dance, Robin moved to Toronto to pursue her love of theatre and dance. While working as a dancer and actor and continuing her professional training, Robin found the element of artistry she was looking for to complete her artistic vision, Aerial. Taking the plunge with fellow artist Stacy Clark, High Strung aerial dance was born and the two spent the next 10 years training, performing, coaching and creating dance, circus and aerial dance works around the globe.


After 10 successful years on the road High Strung aerial dance officially retired and Robin opened a full-time training and coaching studio, Spectacle Blue Studios. Spectacle Blue is a place where students of all ages and skills levels can train safely, explore their creativity, and build self-confidence and discipline as both technicians and performers.


Having made the full-time transition from choreographer/performer to choreographer/coach Robin had time to look at her world, the world of Aerial Dance, only to discover a gap in formal training methodologies for youth for this exciting genre. And so began the diligent work to create a solid, safety conscious syllabus of training to help young dancers delve into the world of Aerial Dance and Circus.

The culmination of Robin's years of experience in Dance, Aerial, Theatre and fitness, along with the guidance and advice of experts in a variety of sport medicine fields, dance, circus and acrobatics is the Spectacle Blue Aerial Dance Syllabus.

Anne-Marie Hivert

Anne-Marie started circus as a recreational activity when she was 7 years old. In high school, she was part of a wind orchestra as a saxophonist and, with some friends created their own theatre troupe. She completed her Cegep and began her professional studies in dance before considering a career in the circus world more seriously. In 2009, she started to teach and to train as a circus artist at Verdun Circus school in Montreal. She completed two years of their preparatory program where she focused on hand stands, trampoline, acro, hand to hand, aerial, juggling, acting, and dance.



In 2013, when Anne-Marie discovered her passion for teaching, she enrolled in the teacher training program at the National circus school in Montreal. With this course, she had the opportunity to complete her internship with École nationale de cirque de Châtellerault, a french circus school that run a circus-studies program for students between 15 and 17 years old.


Since then, as a circus artist, she has been performing in benefits shows, the Festival international de Jazz de Montréal, street entertainment programming and festivals. One of Anne-Marie’s passions was realized when she created a silk duo. This unique and dynamic act was performed all around Quebec before being hired by Cavaland, an equestrian circus company. Anne-Marie worked for 5 years with Cavaland as an aerial acrobat and dancer. As a teacher she has taught in nearly 10 circus studios, high schools and kindergarten classes in Montreal. In December 2017 she completed her university studies in cultural project management.



Kate Van Kruyssen


From a young age, Kate has always had a love for human movement. She began dancing at 5 years of age and continued ever since. Throughout her younger years she trained in multiple dance styles and was part of the youth performing company, Alberta Dance Theatre. More recently, she has placed focus on contemporary and aerial dance styles for her training. This focus has elicited many opportunities for her, including performing in large production numbers and travelling to Europe to perform original works. In addition, she has begun sharing the joy of movement to students who come from a variety of backgrounds, by teaching contemporary, ballet, and aerial arts. Currently, Kate finds herself training and rehearsing with SeSol Dance Projects, Spectacle Blue, and W&M2.

Kate has now completed her Physiotherapy Degree and is a fully qualified Therapist.

She hopes to inspire as she assists audiences and students in experiencing the possibilities and subtleties of human movement.



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