Will there be a Performance company in 21/22?

We are hoping to bring back our Performance Company offering for students who want an additional performance opportunity than our annual student showcases and Under The Big Top productions. 

We are hopeful that the 2021/2022 season will allow us to reclaim our live performance opportunities. 

When we get the go-ahead we plan to create these additional opportunities on a show-by-show basis. 

Students will no longer have to commit to a full year in order to participate. 

Requirements will be:

Students must be registered in a minimum of 1 full-time class at Spectacle Blue. 

Students and parents must commit to the rehearsal schedule for the production they choose.

Our anticipated performances will be:

Winter Wonderland - September to December commitment

Our second production is still TBD - January to April commitment

Fees and rehearsal times will be announced as we get closer to our September 13 start date. 

Keep an eye on Social and right here for more information as it becomes available. 

Will there be student showcase productions?

We traditionally do 2 student showcases per year.  An Informal Student Showcase at the end of the Fall Semester and our larger full-scale 'Under The Big Top' student showcase production in June.

We hope to be able to house live performances in the studio again in the 21/22 season. 

Tickets for these live performances are $20. 


The Informal Student Showcase. 


This informal showcase will happen in the studio. Students are required to wear black leggings and bodysuits.  Parents are welcome to take pictures and videos as long as they remain seated and do not obstruct the view of their fellow parents. We invite the parents into the studio and are seated around the space. You get an 'up close' look at the performers.  

General Seating

The Under The Big Top student showcase. 


This full production showcase complete with lighting, sound, costume, and make-up. Photography and videography is not permitted at this show. Our good friends at Gibbs Media will be filming and editing all the Under The Big Top performances and we will be making those available for you at no extra charge via our website. 

General Seating

Performance Company FAQ

Do I have to audition for the Performance Company?

Nope! We believe that every single one of us has magic in's our job to help students believe that too! Participation is by registration.....we do expect you to commit to the rehearsal and performance schdule though!

What are the requirements to become a Performance Company Member?

Becoming a Performance Company Member is a pretty big decision. It's not just about the individual performer, it's really about a dedication to your fellow team members, a commitment to the project, and to what it means to be a member of the team. We ask that both potential Company Members AND parents understand and agree to commit to the MUSTS and REQUIREMENTS. The following is our list of MUSTS: 1. I am commited to attending scheuled rehearsals becuase I know my team members are relying on me. 2. I will conduct myself as a member of the team and not as an individual seeking the spotlight 3. I understand that being a member of the Performance Company makes me a leader in my Circus Community. I will be a leader both in and out of the studio to better my community and be an example to those who look up to me. 4. I will uphold the values of Spectacle Blue as a place for 'growing stellar human beings' and be not only an example of those values every day, but a voice when those values are compromised. The following is a list of REQUIREMENTS: 1. Performance Company members are required to be at Performance Company rehearsals. Every performer may not be needed at each rehearsal time booked, but they are required to commit to those days and times. 2. Performance Company members are required to be available for show days as scheduled. 3. Performance Company familes are required to share in the selling of show tickets. Tickets will be alloted to each performer and it is the responsibility of that performers family to sell thier alloted tickts.

How old do I need to be to be in the Performance Company?

Performance Company opportunites are open to all students of Spectacle Blue enrolled in a full time program! There is No age requirement!

Student Showcase FAQ

What is the difference between the Informal Showcase & the Under The Big Top?

Our Informal Showcase marks the end of the Fall Semester and is an opportunity to showcase the skills students have learned in a creative way. There are no costumes,make-up or hair requirements for this showcase. Students wear their black body suits and leggings for this experiece. The Under The Big Top student showcase marks the end of the season and is a full production including costumes, make-up, hair, full lighting and sound design. Students have typically had considerably more time rehearsing and creating these acts than they do in the Informal Showcase. They have delved farther into the creation process than just a showcasing of their technical skills.

Is there an extra cost to these Showcases?

All costs associated with the showcases are included in your fees including access to the edited video productions. Typically the only extra cost to you is the ticket price.

How do we get tickets?

Tickets will be available for purchase on our website approximately 6 weeks before show week.