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With a strong foundation in hand, performers and choreographers can explore the limitless creative possibilities that are afforded when you add the unique element of artist suspension to physically creative endeavors. 


Our syllabus and curriculum training is designed to build strong foundational training for students and teachers of aerial dance. With that foundation in hand performers and choreographers can explore the limitless creative possibilities that are afforded when you add the unique element of artist suspension to physically-creative endeavours.


We offer safe, progression based training programs for dance teachers who want to enhance their studio offerings and creative options by implementing an aerial dance program at their studios. We offer Teacher Training in Trapeze,Hoop and Silks. These training programs are designed to give dance teachers the skills to safely teach aerial dance to there students and to incorporate aerial work to enhance their dance choreography.


Each apparatus contains 9 Grades. Students of certified studios can learn the art of Aerial Dance in a progressive manner with a focus on technique and form. Strength and flexibility, as well as Aerial Dance Elements, are trained to create well-rounded dancers who can then enjoy the exploration and creative options that adding Aerial Dance to dance creations. Exams are available for each Grade in each apparatus.

Why run an Aerial Dance Program at your studio?

 - it’s an excellent source of new revenue

 - it’s a marketable program to students who may not be dancers but are interested in Acrobatics of all kinds, bringing them in your studio doors

 - the cross-training increases strength in your dancers for all their other disciplines

 - it will set you apart from your competitors

 - as your dancers leave the comforts of the studio they grew up in, Aerial will be another skill they have for their dance resume.  Cirque, Cruise Ships, Disney, and more are looking for well rounded strong dancers and Aerial is a skill they are looking for!

 - your dancers will LOVE it. 




Get Aerial Dance Certified - Now there are 2 ways!


Spectacle Blue is happy to announce a new Teacher Certification option that allows you to:

~Certify your Teachers

~Get your Students excited about an Aerial Program all while giving you the tools to use the program to Grow Your Business!


We now offer a two day 'Closed' Teacher Certification and Student Workshop Option! (See below for pricing details) 


Want to be a part of an 'Open' Certification session? 

You can do that too! We offer Open Teacher Certification Sessions at our studio in Okotoks.  



With the arts of Aerial Circus and Aerial Dance growing rapidly, we at Spectacle Blue feel that student safety and coach education are more important than ever! With this in mind, and more than a decade of research and development, the SBAD Syllabus was launched in 2014. This work was created to give all teachers wishing to add the exciting element of artist suspension to their work, the ability to ensure student and artist safety while delving into this amazing stream of work. All the Spectacle Blue coaching staff are required to take teacher training. Responsible coaching is the number 1 priority at Spectacle Blue.



CLOSED Programs

Contact our studio to book. 

Fee info: 

$900 + GST/teacher with a 4 teacher minimum 

$50 + GST per student with a minimum of 15 students

$1000 deposit due upon booking  (balance due 45 days prior to the course date)


OPEN programs

Taught at Spectacle Blue

Teachers can register at info@spectacleblue.ca

$900 + GST (due upon registration)






Due to Covid-19 our Summer 2020 courses have been suspended. 

Please feel free to contact us to see what might work for alternate training for your team!

CONTACT US to book your studio in for a workshop, Teacher Training & Certification. 





Due to Covid-19 our summer courses have been suspended.  

Please feel free to contact us to see what might work for training alternatives for your team.


Benefits of the On-Line membership is that updates are immediate. The video is beneficial for helping you get the most out of your course. If you have forgotten some details from the course about how an element should look….that is available to you in live action.


Once you take a course you can become a member of the SBAD Certified Teacher’s Team and receive a code that will give you access to the material from the course you have taken.


Also available on-line will be supplemental work such as

  • doubles

  • higher ceilings

  • drills

Once you take a second course your Membership fee does not go up, but you will get a then have to the additional course material you have taken.


  • If you let your membership expire and don’t renew then your access to the On-Line Manual will terminate and you will need to contact the Spectacle Blue office to get a new access code that will be viable once you have renewed your membership.

  • You cannot download the videos to your desktop or device

  • Your code is only good for log-in on 1 device



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