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We introduce your kids to their curiosity and courage
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Imagine a place where your child can soar boost their confidence, and literally swing from the rafters....we do that!

If you know what you are looking for, you can REGISTER NOW. 


If not, we are glad to help you explore the options. You can click on the CALL ME button at the bottom of this page and we will get in touch with you ASAP to get your questions answered.

we teach kids how to be amazing kind humans who chase their dreams, face life's challenges, live with confidence...   

if they learn a little circus along the way, that's great too! 

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our circus classes


We believe that Circus is for everyone, not just elite athletes. At Spectacle Blue, we strive to build stellar human beings by fostering self-confidence, positive self-image, and community awareness through physical discipline and creative performance.  

We offer recreational, after-school, and school break classes for kids starting at age 3 through to youth at age 17, and for the kids in all of us, we have adult classes too.

We believe there is magic and play in all of us! 

We LOVE having audiences in our space! 

We have 2 students showcases a year PLUS students can join our Performance Company and get even more time on stage!

stay for the SHOW

notes from


Spectacle Blue is an amazing studio in which your child can learn and grow in a safe environment. Robin, Holly and Kate are fantastic instructors and have been inspiring role models!!! Our last 5 years with Robin have been an enriching and incredible experience for both Taija and Seth. The performance troupe has been a great platform for Taija to grow and gain performance experience. Thank you Robin!!!

Christine Graham

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