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My name is Robin Joanne Szuch and I live in a world where fun reigns supreme. I aspire to create a world where we all march to the beat of our own drummers, reach for the goals of our dreams, and laugh…..a lot. 

And how do I think we can realize this dream? We love hard. First, we love ourselves, then we love the people in our world. The ones who are permanent fixtures and the ones we pass one time and never see again. 


Love is the key to happiness and to becoming a Stellar Human.



How this crazy project came to be?


I love youth. I love working with them, mentoring them, and helping them get what they want out of any given experience. Although I have been teaching circus primarily, my goal has always been to help grow them into confident, independent, community-minded, awesome, stellar humans. If they learned a little circus along the way, great.


Circus was the vehicle for the stellar human learning, just like coffee is the vehicle for French vanilla creamer, toast is the vehicle for peanut butter, and cake is the vehicle for frosting (at least for me🙄).  With the world that 2020 and 2021 handed to our youth, I realized I needed to forgo the cake and just putting my spoon into that tub of frosting. I officially started the Stellar Human Project. I work with groups of kids 13-17 years old, and families who want to grow together, to help them be jerks less and hang around jerks less, be active instead of reactive in choice making, and figure out what drives them so they can confidently stand for themselves, make choices they are proud of, and cope when they make the wrong choice or life just throws a wrench in it…. Which it will….because is always does. 


Welcome to the Stellar Human Project.

We all deserve love and happiness because #wearestellarhumans


The Stellar Human Project offers youth all kinds of classes and workshops that help them become awesome people who can stand in their truth, know their values, and set and achieve their goals. 

 - goal setting workshops

 - resume writing

 - interviewing for that first job

 - studying for their Learner's License. 

 - vision board workshops

 - using and not abusing social media

We even have a weekly Zoom Call on Sunday mornings so youth can connect with like-minded friends and keep the momentum rolling.

We've got such great plans for the STELLAR HUMAN PROJECT that it's got its very own webpage!

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