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Tricks vs Elements

Coaches! I want to talk to you about the culture of your facility, the language that you use when you are teaching students, the words you use to describe the work that we teach and how it can impact the way your students view the work and approach the work.

I’m talking about ‘Tricks’ vs ‘Elements’.

What language do you use?

Did you know that it can have a profound affect on how your students view the work?

A trick is a stand alone, a one off.

An element is part of a bigger picture.

This differentiation is really important when you are trying to build a safe, progressive program. The getting in and out of an element is just as important as the final moment, the part that you students consider the “trick”. It’s not about being able to throw yourself into it, crossing your fingers, and hoping it works out. It’s not about doing it one time, checking it off the list, and moving on to the next trick. It’s about knowing where your body in space at all times, about being able to control the entry and the exit, about seeing where it could go next. Its’ about creating a consistency in the work. That’s where the beauty lies.

I have a rule with my students, in all apparatus, but in particular with the silks.