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Love the Legs They Have

Hello teachers!

We know how much we love to see dancers, gymnasts, and acrobats with those amazing leg lines. Extension that seems to be flawless, lines that seem to go on forever….

We know that we are striving to teach our students to have those lines but we also need to remember that there is some serious biology going on to get those lines!

We live in a heavily visual age and you can bet that your students, especially the teens, have been following professional gymnasts, dancers, acrobats, and saving elements and routines they love and dreaming of being able to emulate them. You can also bet that they have seen comparing themselves to those pros and making a list, mental or otherwise, of ways they feel deficient ….. especially our teen students.

That being said, we are still going to strive to have them be THEIR best, but we need to remember that we need to work with the legs they were given, and teach them to love the legs they have.