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Learning IS a learning

If you’re new here you might not know that I have a circus school but I’m also a certified life coach. Really,

I mostly mentor youth.

I always tell people that I am really teaching kids how to be amazing humans and if they learn a little circus along the way, that’s great too!

As a result, my students come to me with all kinds of life concerns and the fact that they come to me is an honour, and one that I take very very seriously.

I make time.

I had a student exchange the other day that got me thinking about learning. And how learning is a learning. To be an effective learning they need to know how they learn, not just what we want them to learn.

I had a student come to me the other week and she was talking to me about school and how she had a test in school that day. I asked her how she felt it went and she told me she didn’t know yet.