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Hello again Coaches.

I want to continue the conversation about the culture we create in our studios and gyms.

Last week we talked about ‘Tricks’ vs ‘Elements’.

This week I want to talk about….the drop.

If you run a silks program you know that students are obsessed with the drop. They can barely climb, can’t straddle up yet, and start asking when they get to learn drops. It’s tough as a coach to hold the line of form, technique, strength and safety when the drop is ever looming and feels like the be all and end all of aerial silks accomplishments. Not to mention there are places out there who are not taking the same care in preparation and student safety that we are!

This is where the rubber meets the road.

This is where you set the standard for your facility and where you make your mark.

This is where you have to decide to take the long road. The road to being a remarkable facility known for student safety and awesome coaching.