Covid Safety  Plan

Covid-19 may change some of the things we do but in great ways! We have always had our focus on safety and our syllabus has always been progressional so students grow into their Circus practice with the confidence that they are strong enough and ready for the elements we ask of them.  The great thing is that now every student in every class gets a designated piece of equipment for their given class. That actually means MORE time on the equipment than before!

That’s a pretty great change!

As we continue to live with Covid, but also re-open our circus school, it is the goal of Spectacle Blue to continue to do what we have always done, protect the safety of our students. I would share what our safety precautions plans look like. 

Covid-19 Safety Plan Q&A

How will we be able to register for classes without contact?

Registration will continue to be an on-line process. If necessary, we can contact you via phone and e-mail from the office. As class sizes are now limited, each class will require a $100 non-refundable deposit to hold your spot in that class.

With Social Distancing measures required, how many students can there be in a single class?

We want to ensure students have plenty of room to move. We are providing a 10X10 foot zone for each student. Classes will be limited to a maximum of 6-8 students. This allows for ample space at each aerial station for every student. We move UP more than OUT!

Will students be required to wear a mask?

No! As of the June 10, 2020 announcement from the Alberta Chief Medical Examiner, masks will not need to be worn by students in the studio.

Students often use training props like yoga blocks and stuffies, chalk and rosin for hands, and Circus Journals.  How will students stay safe from typically shared supplies?

There will be a 1 time Circus Supply Kit fee upon registration. Each student will receive a Circus Supply Kit with the following items: Tub of Chalk Tub of Rosin Yoga Block Training Stuffy Package of tissues Hand Towel Circus Journal Set of Pencil Crayons Spectacle Blue Mask *additional supplies will be available for purchase from the office as required

Will there still be a waiting area at the studio entry?

No, we will no longer have a waiting or gathering area. The Studio Entry & Exit plan is outlined here: ENTRY - we ask that students remain in their parent vehicle until they are called into class at the door by the teacher. - the will enter one at a time and remove ONLY their shoes at the door - students will then proceed to their designated training station where they can remove their outdoor clothing and their bags and place them in the bin provided at their station. EXIT - at the end of class students will put on all outdoor clothing at their designated training stations. - they will then proceed one at a time to the door to put on their shoes and go to their parent vehicles. We ask that parents be prompt with pick up times as we no longer have a waiting area.

What steps will be taken between classes to disinfect the studio?

There will be a 15 minute break between each class so teachers can: - sanitize all mats - change required aerial equipment - disinfect the bathroom, door knobs, chairs and bins at each training station, and other potentially frequently touched areas.
**Spectacle Blue coaching staff will be required to wear masks at all times. Coaches will be required to wash hands and sanitize hands before and after handling each piece of equipment during equipment change out.

What about water breaks?

Students will, of course, be allowed water breaks. Students will need to bring a water bottle to class. Students will be asked to wash their hands thoroughly before taking a water break. Water breaks will be staggered to accommodate this. The water fountain will no longer be accessible, but we do have taps to re-fill water bottles if necessary.

What will be at each designated training station?

Freshly sanitized mats. Freshly sanitized chair. Freshly sanitized tub for coats, bags, hoodies etc. The apparatus or equipment that they will be using for the days lesson.

About the apparatus, how do we know it is safe to use?

Each apparatus is only used 1X per day. It is then sanitized and put away for the day until it is ready for use the following day. This means that each student will use a designated piece of equipment during their class. The awesome thing about this is that there will be less ‘breaks’ while they wait their turn! It’s always their turn!

What happens if a student does not feel well?

Students who are unwell will be asked to stay home. If students become unwell during a class, the parent will be called and that student will be sent home.

Circus Arts education typically involves a lot of spotting. How will that be handled?

As always at Spectacle Blue, we work on a foundational training that is progressional. What this means is that as progressions are mastered and they move to the next level of an element, they require less to no spotting. With this methodology, coach spotting is much more for the “feeling” of safety for the student than an actual need physically for them to be assisted. That being said, if spotting is required, coaches will thoroughly wash hands before and after spotting any single student. Coaches will also ensure that they do not have sleeves when spotting so that they can wash up to the elbow.